Could Starting With Scooters Help Young Drivers Learn The Ways Of The Roads?

No parent embraces their kid getting pro electric scooters. Many even fork out for expensive driving lessons to ensure this never happens. And, that’s no surprise when you consider the scooter horror stories which crop up. With that in mind, a reluctance to let young drivers loose on scooters make sense.

But, it’s possible that scooters are better for beginner drivers than we think. If we direct our kids towards tried and tested scooters we know are safe, this could actually help them become better drivers. At the very least, it could remove any fear they feel about getting behind the wheel.

Of course, opinions here are pretty set in stone. Hence why you may be shaking your head right now. So, to back up this argument, we’re going to outline the leading reasons why it’s not such a bad thing if your kid gets a scooter.

A lesson in road signs

Scooter tests are nowhere near as extensive as driving tests. They don’t involve theory tests or weeks of lessons. Usually, courses here are a day long and cover the basics. But, that doesn’t mean your child won’t still learn a lot once they’re out riding. The moment they take to the roads, they’re going to start understanding basic things, like road signs.

Their test may not teach them this, but the experience of driving will. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a scooter driver who couldn’t pass their theory test the first time. That’s a benefit you aren’t going to get elsewhere even in traditional lessons. That alone could be a reason to let them loose on the roads already.

An increased awareness of other drivers

Road signs aren’t the only things a scooter could teach your child. An experience like this can also help with understanding the need for awareness of other drivers. Many would argue that this is the one most crucial safety aspect for any driver. It’s no good sticking to the rules if you don’t take care around cars which aren’t doing the same. This isn’t something we learn in our driving lessons. Hence, many us find this out the hard way. With a scooter, the need to pay attention is even more extreme. If a car doesn’t see a scooter, for example, things could end in disaster. Still, scooters are nippy and provide a full scope of the vehicles around. As such, this could be the ideal way to learn these vital lessons without incident.

A calm head on the road

At the very least, driving a scooter is going to teach any young driver to remain calm on the roads. This way, they’ll get used to traffic, changing lanes, and even traversing roundabouts. All of which is sure to help them when they do come to learn. You may find that their scooter antics secure them a driving test in half the time. When you think about it like that, this might not be such a bad thing after all.


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