What Happens If My Car Is Destroyed In A Crash?

As soon as you hear the term “accident,” the first thought is your health and wellbeing. These are the two most important things because a car isn’t worth risking an injury for, even for petrolheads.

Still, it’s only natural your thought processes switch after you realize you’re fine. Nobody wants to lose their car, especially if a crash wasn’t your fault. There are bills to pay and legal costs to settle, so hopefully, the vehicle only has minor issues.

However, the severity can range depending on the accident. Take a look at the points underneath to learn more about what happens to a car after a crash.

It’s A Write-Off

Essentially, what this means is that the cost of the repairs isn’t worth the money. Not only that, but the damage is severe to the point where the parts aren’t valuable either. Even scrap dealers won’t take the metal off your hands, which is a bummer. In this case, the insurance company should pay for a replacement as long as the policy covers the accident. Some even provide a car for the period in between so that you can continue your life as normal. Usually, vehicles have to be damaged or old to class as a category A.

The Creditor Will Want Paying

Just because the vehicle is broken doesn’t mean your finance deal ends. In 99% of the cases, creditors still need payment regardless. This is where things get tricky as a policy may not cover the amount, which means you’ll have to use your own money. Or, you may be able to use the cash provided by the insurer to buy a new model and continue to pay off the old deal. However, it’s worth speaking to the financier and the insurance company to make sure this is acceptable.

You File A Lawsuit

Find alternative ways to pay is fine when you’re to blame. When it was another person’s fault, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. This is why a lawsuit may be an option. Nobody likes to sue another motorist, yet it may be your only choice if you can’t afford the repairs or repayments. Accident injury attorneys offer quality legal representation and get their clients the best deal. Then, you can use this money however you see fit to cover your expenses. There’s no need to pay either, as lots of lawyers offer a no win, no fee service.

They File A Lawsuit

On the flip side, another driver may see it as your fault and hire an attorney of their own. In this case, you will need legal representation to help win the case. It’s still a civil matter; there’s nothing criminal unless something drastic happens. So, a lawyer who specializes in personal injury defenses will be an excellent choice. Again, they may be expensive yet they can save you a lot, especially if you win as the other team has to pay for legal costs.

The bottom line is: don’t have an accident. It isn’t worth the time, effort or money!


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