Keeping Your Car Fresh and Clean

For most of us, a car is the second most valuable item that we will invest in during our lifetimes (falling second only to our home). So, it’s not all too surprising that we tend to spend a whole lot of time and money ensuring that it runs properly and can get us from A to B safely. What is pretty shocking, however, is that so many people let their car fall into disarray on aesthetic terms. They let their vehicle get dirty and fill up with all sorts of junk, such as fast food wrappers, bottles, leaflets, and boxes.

This results in regular unenjoyable and unpleasant journeys. You are also likely to feel relatively uncomfortable and embarrassed if you find yourself having to give a family member, friend, or colleague a lift. So, it’s time to take action and ensure that your car is squeaky clean, inside and out, at all times. Here are just a few steps that you can take to achieve this!


Let’s start with the interiors of your vehicle. Take a bin liner out to your car and make sure to empty out any trash that may have accumulated over time. You should then dispose of this appropriately in the recycling. Once you have a blank canvas to work with, you can use a vacuum cleaner to hoover up any crumbs, dirt, or other debris that is likely to have built up on your floor and seats. Hand held hoovers tend to be best for this, as they are more flexible and lightweight. Make sure to wipe down the dash with specialist cloths and (if you have leather seats) you can wipe down your seats with specialist cloths too. Finish off my placing custom car air fresheners in your vehicle! This will leave a lovely scent and can be purchased through businesses like


If you’re feeling lazy, you can hand your car over to professional cleaners for shiny exteriors. But you can also carry out this work yourself for a lower cost! Stock up on products such as windscreen cleaners, car wax and polish, and wheel cleaning solutions. Read the instructions on each to figure out how to use them properly. Start out by hosing down the outer body. You can use a hose or a bucket filled with warm soapy water. The next step is to use a soft sponge to wipe down your car from top to bottom. You might have to put in a little elbow grease into this step! Finish off by giving your vehicle another thorough rinse! Once everything is clean, remember that you can prevent your car’s exteriors from becoming excessively dirty again in the future by parking your vehicle in a garage and avoiding parking beneath trees, as debris can fall down.

Sure, you might want to avoid heading outside as much in the winter months, but it’s still important to make your vehicle presentable. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to achieve this!


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  • […] Keeping your car clean is a relatively simple improvement but will make a real difference for you. Upgrade your old car by investing in regular detailing that ensures the interior and exterior is spotless and attractive. Also, clean out any garbage that’s lingering in your vehicle regularly and add an air freshener, so it always smells pleasant. You might want to keep a trash can and wet wipes in your car so you can pick up your garbage and wipe down the interior whenever you notice it getting dirty. […]

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