How Do You Choose The Perfect Car For Living In The Country?

We’ve all dreamt up getting away from it all and moving to the country. The peace and quiet, wide open spaces and lush fields. Not to mention being able to get away from that unbearable city traffic. But the countryside is a different place with different road conditions. This means that what you want from your vehicle needs to be different. Here are just a few tips for making sure that you pick the right car for your new life in the country.

Not every SUV will be ideal

You might think that a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is the perfect choice for driving through the countryside. But, despite their large, sturdy design, many SUVs struggle when you take them out of the city.

Appearances can be deceiving, and there’s a decent chance that the wrong SUV could leave you stuck in the mud. While something like an HRV would be perfect, there are plenty of SUVs that simply aren’t going to be up to the task of driving in the countryside. When choosing an SUV for the country, make sure to check some crucial details. A 4X4 option is an absolute must, especially when winter rolls around and you need to navigate treacherous, icy roads.

Check your boot space

Why live out in the country if you’re not going to take advantage of the wide open spaces for day trips out and about? A generous boot is essential for packing up for camping, picnics and road trips alike. In the city, you can pick up what you need pretty much wherever. Out in the country, you’re going to want to pack up in advance before getting lost in the wilderness.

What’s it like to drive?

You might think that a car feels the same to drive wherever you’re doing it. But the winding roads and environments of the countryside are a far cry from the neat boxes of a city. It’s many a driver that find themselves losing control when they go from urban to rural roads. Our advice is to test the cars in the kind of environment you’ll be driving in most often. After all, if you’re only ever driving around in the city then you’re only ever going to get a partial idea of what the car you’re buying is actually going to be like.


The joy of the countryside is getting away from it all. But that does include getting away from mechanics and garages. This means the last thing you want is a car that’s liable to break down every 50 miles. Finding a reliable car that will stand up to the harsh conditions of countryside driving is essential. It also helps to brush up on your basic car knowledge so that you can do everything possible to keep your vehicle running.

How does it feel?

All these things are important, but when it comes down to it, you don’t drive a car in the countryside just to get from A to B. You do it to feel the wind in your hair. To see the beautiful English landscape flying past. The feel the roar of the engine down your spine. Follow our advice to find the right sort of car for the countryside. But in the end, only when you’re behind the wheel will you know if the car is right for you.

How much punishment can it stand up to?

The truth is that most country cars are going to end up taking a lot more abuse than cars that you only ever drive in the city. If you’ve got a car that can’t stand up to that kind of punishment then you run the risk of racking up some serious bills with the sheer amount of time you’ll spend taking it to the mechanic when something goes wrong. If your car can’t handle the conditions that the countryside can throw at it, it’s not the right car for you.

Of course, the truth is that choosing a car is always going to come down to what you want. No matter what anyone else says, if you find a car you like, that’s going to be one you go for. Just remember to at least keep these kinds of things in mind so that you don’t end up in a position where you find a car that you think that you’re going to really love, only to discover a little way down the line that it simply wasn’t right for you in the first place.


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