Driving Hacks Every Adult Should Know

Now that you are on the road with a full license and the freedom to go wherever you want, life can feel so much more open and full of potential. But as you spend more time on the road you’ll start noticing just how bad some other drivers are, and also how many issues you can face as a driver on the roads. Today though we are going to share a few tips and hacks for making the most of driving and making life on the road easier.

Get out of a ticket

There is nothing worse than parking on the side of the road for a few minutes and coming back to find you have a parking ticket on your car. Parking tickets are horrible and they can be a pain in the neck to pay off, but did you know you can get out of it? GetDismissed is a company who can help you get out of tickets and mean that you don’t have to pay a fee, so it is well worth trying this the next time you have a ticket.

Use a dashcam

There are a lot of people on the roads who will try to mess around and put you in trouble, and a lot of the time this could involve a car slamming their breaks on so that you crash into them, or a motorcyclist jumping on your bonnet to try and claim an accident. If you don’t have a dashcam in these situations you can be blamed for something which wasn’t your fault. This is why buying a dashcam can be the ideal thing to do for your own safety on the road. It can allow you to capture people driving recklessly and if you ever do get into an accident this can be used as evidence in your favour.

Get a black box

One of the tools which a lot of new drivers are getting these days to make their journey on the road a little bit cheaper is a black box. A black box is a device which records the speed you travel at as well as other things and it can be used for many people to lower their insurance premiums in those first crucial years. It can be a huge money saver so it is well worth taking a look!

Quick cooling

If your engine ever overheats and you are scared that the car is going to break down, it can be a scary time and you might not know how to resolve the issue safely. The good news is that cooling down your car quickly is a lot easier than you would have guessed. All you need to do is wind down a window fully, and then walk to the other side of the car and waft the door open and closed a few times. The difference this will make is immense and it will happen swiftly.

Drop a pin

How many times have you parked up in you local city and then forgot where you were at the end of the day? It happens to all of us from time to time and there is a surefire way to solve the issue. All you need to do is open your maps app on your phone and drop a pin when you park up. This way, later in the day all you have to do is find the pin and voila!


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