Bike Road Trip? Here’s what You Should Remember

While a road trip in a car is great and all that, it simply can’t compare to a road trip on your bike. The feeling of freedom is just so much more alluring, and it’s impossible to get bored while putting behind mile after mile on your bike.

The trip may, however, be affected by slight inconveniences if your bike should turn against you at one point – and the best way to ensure a pleasant road trip is to look properly after your bike and come prepared.

Here is a handful of ways to get you started in case you’re new to road trips on your bike so that you can avoid any major hiccups during the trip. It just makes it a bit easier to relax and enjoy the ride.

First: Go to a mechanic

First of all, you need to make sure that you have everything you need in order to look after your bike while you’re on the road. Visit your local mechanic and get all the essential spares for the trip – every bike has different requirements, so it’s important that you ask him or her about what you need specifically for your bike.

In general, you might need some spare tubes, plugs, sparks, engine oil, and break and accelerator cables. As long as you manage to bring everything you need in case something should go wrong with your bike along the way, you can feel a bit more relaxed and confident about the ride ahead.

Another great tip is to get all the details you need in case of an accident. While we don’t really like to think about it, something like this could happen – and you should have the numbers you need to come prepared. Dave Abels is a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago, so write down the number and keep it with you – most likely, you won’t even need it.

Next: Dress for the ride

Those who are new to motorcycle trips may be surprised over how chilly it can actually get. In general, you should try to rise early so that you avoid riding with the sun in your eyes most of the way; when you’re up at the crack of dawn, you will definitely need the right clothes to shield you from the chilly wind.

Have a look at this article for some great motorcycle gear you will look awesome in and, most importantly, that will keep you warm and dry during the whole trip. Try to get the right size as well, though, as loose and flappy clothes will be a real nuisance on the road.

Remember to stay hydrated as well, know the route you’re taking, and make sure that your bike is as comfortable as possible. You will, after all, be sitting on it for hours at the time – and it should be pleasant rather than a pain, to put it like that.

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