CES 2017: Toyota Shows Future of Driver-Vehicle Life

A cloud-connected telematics system that brings the internet into your car. Smartphone integration that makes it easy for developers to create apps for your vehicle. And an artificial intelligence-powered concept vehicle that grows with you to build an immersive, friendly relationship. Connected, intelligent technologies are radically re-shaping the way we interact with our cars, and Toyota’s brought them to the floor of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Toyota is aggressively pursuing the development of connected technologies and artificial intelligence because we understand that they will define our society in ways that go well beyond the auto industry. It’s an approach that guides our vision of a future where drivers and vehicles “team up” to build a relationship that is friendly and immersive, and our approach to developing new interactive systems – some of which will be arriving in Toyota vehicles very soon.


Designed from the inside-out, the artificial intelligence-enhanced Concept-i follows from Toyota’s belief that the vehicle of the future shouldn’t start with technology – it should start with the experience of the people who use it. Every element of the vehicle is designed to strengthen the user experience, from the advanced AI agent, nicknamed “Yui,” to the interior lines that allow Yui to travel throughout the car to communicate critical information using light, sound and even touch. And as you drive Concept-i, whether in automated or manual drive, the vehicle gets to know you – learning to anticipate your needs and building a warm, friendly relationship.

Concept-i simulator

An interactive simulator for CES attendees that mimics the conceptual detection functions of the Concept-i.  The simulator proposes destinations based on the driver’s personal preferences, and sets the destination after conversing with the driver.  The simulator monitors the emotions of the driver; and an agent directs the conversation based on the driver’s emotion.  By linking the emotions and location information, the demonstration data of all of participants will create an “emotion map” that aggregates simulation results.

Entune 3.0

As cars become more connected, Toyota is on the leading edge of a technology revolution that is expanding what is possible for personal mobility. More than just a dream of the future, these innovations are arriving now with Toyota’s third-generation Entune telematics platform.

When it arrives in cars later this year, Entune 3.0 will offer more features, more functions and greater connectivity than has ever been available on a Toyota brand product.

In-vehicle Wi-Fi

Thanks to the connectivity provided by Data Communications Modules (DCM) planned on select Toyota models, Entune 3.0 will offer in-vehicle Wi-Fi. Toyota has partnered with Verizon to offer this service, which allows up to 5 devices to connect simultaneously to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Scout GPS Link with Full-Moving Maps

In partnership with Telenav, Entune 3.0 will offer navigation, connected to your smartphone, through Scout GPS. When Scout GPS Link is activated on mobile devices, it can transmit turn-by-turn directions and even moving maps to the dashboard screen via Bluetooth and USB connection.

Dynamic Navigation 

Vehicles equipped with Data Communications Modules will also update in real time to help ensure that map and navigation information is never out of date.

Remote Connect 

Cloud connectivity also brings new customer features, including remote connectivity to the car through the new Entune mobile device app. Vehicle owners will be able to start and stop their car, lock and unlock the doors and even set parameters for guest drivers. Owners can receive warning alerts for excessive vehicle speed and geographic location outside the set radius.

Service Connect

With Entune 3.0, Toyota vehicles will also be connected to their preferred dealer. Should there be an issue, or if routine maintenance is needed, customers can contact a dealer via the head unit display and paired phone.  The vehicle diagnostic data can be transmitted to the dealer; and customers will receive Vehicle Health Reports via the Toyota Owners website.

Safety Connect

Entune 3.0 also delivers increased peace of mind. Cloud connectivity enables the vehicle to provide automatic notification of a crash (ACN) to dispatch emergency support under certain conditions. It also provides roadside assistance and stolen vehicle locator services.

App Suite Connect

With Entune 3.0, the Entune App Suite will be offered as a standard feature across all Entune levels. Previously only available at the Premium level, every Toyota customer will now enjoy Pandora, Slacker, iHeart Radio, Yelp and many other applications through a newly simplified and intuitive user experience (UX). Thanks to the new new Entune app, users will keep their personalized preferences no matter which Toyota vehicle they are driving.

JBL Sound

Also offered as a standard feature, the entire Entune experience will come alive thanks to performance-level sound delivered by JBL speakers.


Toyota is pleased to be a founding member of the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, a non-profit organization to manage open-source software supporting smartphone app development for vehicles.

SmartDeviceLink is a new open-source platform designed to help increase consumer choice and the ability to connect and control smartphones on the road. Vehicles equipped with SmartDeviceLink allow drivers to access their favorite smartphone apps using display screens, buttons, or voice recognition.

Adopting this technology gives automakers and suppliers standard software to build and increase the number of apps available for in-vehicle use.  For developers, the platform provides the opportunity to create the best experience for customers – one that will be used by all participating automakers.

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