How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Harley-Davidson Bike?

Harley is love! Even after a few negative influences among the world enthusiasts, Harleys are reliable, aren’t they? Indeed, Harley requires its maintenance, and it costs much more in repair shops. For being that case, you can’t claim that Harleys are reckless!

Carfictions have many articles about the Harley Davidson, and the website says that Harley requires maintenance like top motorcycle brands. Harley’s care doesn’t spend more time but increases superiority on the road. Let’s talk in detail about the supervision of a Harley Davidson bike! Read us.


Air filter replacement cost on Harley-Davidson is estimated at $100 to $200, whereas the ‘Brake Pad’ needs $250 for the replacement. Clutch replacement cost is $200 to $450 on average. Tire replacement has a near value of $300.

What’s the accuracy and maintenance of the Harley Davidson?

Harleys are not different from every other motorcycle available in the market. They need upkeep and maintenance according to the service cadastre. When you own a Harley Davidson, you hold its owner’s manual that says about maintenance activities. The activities can be performed when required.

Within the standard maintenance, Harley motorcycle has some optimum maintenance. We shall be discussing the preservation in a row. It is necessary to understand your Harley service and maintenance. Get your hands on it!

Tires are important!

What’s ensuring you about the overall performance of your Harley Davidson? Undoubtedly, the tires of your motorcycle affect the quality of the ride. Bad tires give you a painful driving experience! Have you gone through this anyway?

Focus on the tire pressure. Keep it high-pressured. Low tire pressure decreases the motorcycle’s handling and ability. Don’t lose your road grip and put your bike at risk!

For the first Harley maintenance tasks, you must check the tire pressure to ensure the correct air pressure straightway. It is shrewd to use a pressure gauge and check the tires when they are cold. Optimally get your tires!

Note that checking the vehicle’s tire will help you with tread depth efficiently. If not, you will get your tires worn and face poor performance during the off-road terrain. That is why; checking the condition of your Harley’s tires will be like the wear indicator. 

Inspect the brakes!

What must we know about Harley’s brakes? They must be remained in a good position and ensure your safety in all conditions. The brakes should be in good working condition. What we like about Harley Davidson is being designed in hydraulic brakes. The brakes are reliable and engineered with ultra brake components. However, these brakes need regular inspection and maintenance to get rid of wear and tear.

The first thing about Brake’s inspection is encouraging the ‘Brake Fluid’ successfully. Never indulge the low brake fluid as these types of fluids will cause your motorcycle’s performance negatively. Sometimes, brake failure will get your life at risk. Change the brake fluid per six months as the fluid gets dirty and leads your motorcycle to a significant interval.

Secondly, ‘Brake Pad’ is an important task. Never let them worn out! Change them after a good use, or you will face rotor damage. We recommend checking the brake pads every 6,000 miles so that you get answered to the examination more frequently.

Finally, ‘Brake Rotors’ matters the most. Lift the motorcycle and check the brake components entirely, including the ‘Brake Rotors.’ The rotors get covered with rust. To prevent the rusted area, check the surface to remove rust using a brake cleaner.

Maintenance of the belts and chains

A motorcycle depends on its power to the wheels. The engines transfer power to the belts and chains so that the motorcycle wheels work in good condition. As a responsibility, check the belts and chains by the gearbox wear, rough gear changes, and sprocket wear. It will help you with an optimum level and erratic transmission performance.

Now, come to the point, how should you check the belts and chains anyway? Measure the tension with a pressure gauge. Besides, try to lubricate the belts and chains regularly as these parts get dirty, salted, and corrosive for days. Why not polishing the vehicle’s chain and belt to last longer?

Replace the engine’s fluid

Besides the necessary components, checking the oil levels of your Harley Davidson is essential. Why not getting your oil level higher by the service manual? The condition of the oil must not be old and contaminated but fresh. Dark or thick oil leads your motorcycle to its engine damage! Changing the viscous oil is necessary to avoid damaging your Harley Davidson. Changing your bike’s oil every year will encourage your bikes to go miles after miles. Once the engine’s fluid is changed every one year, the motorcycle earns its lifespan more frequently.


Hopefully, you have got answered to the high maintenance of your Harley Davidson motorcycle along with the costs. However, the prices depend on their driving habits, mechanic, and workability.

As per my experience, I have bent on getting my Harley maintenance a couple of years back! The whole motorcycle will cost you pretty high during the maintenance. The better way to go to a nearby dealer is always fun! Depending on the motorcycle’s health, you will have to arrange the charge. An excellent local shop repairs all your terrible services and keeps your cost in an affordable price range.


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