Long-Term Car Storage Tips

Your car is representative of a considerable investment of your time and money. You should make sure you take care of your vehicle, so it lasts a long time. If you need to put your car in long-term storage, then there are some things that you should do to make sure it stays looking and running great. 

Fill up the Tank

If you are going to store a car for an extended amount of time, then you should fill up the tank with gas. Leaving the car on empty can open up your tank to rust and other complications. To further protect your car, you should add a corrosion inhibitor also. When you add any extra liquids to your tank, you should drive around a little bit to make sure it is mixed together to maximize the protection. If you are putting your vehicle in car storage for a long time, don’t expect to be able to use the gas in the tank when you come back. This is purely to protect the tank and not to use it. 

Oil Change

Just like you want the fuel in your car to be fresh and full, you want the same for the car’s oil. Used oil has residue and other materials in it that can damage the vehicle over time. To make sure this doesn’t happen, take your car for an oil change right before putting it in storage. Adding lubricant to the engine and other parts of the car can also keep everything in tip-top shape. 

Car Jacks

Leaving your car to sit for an extended period will apply pressure to the exact same area on the tires. If this happens, you will likely need new tires by the time you come back to your car. One way to prevent this is to take the car out for a quick spin every couple weeks to rotate the tires around. If this is not possible, then you should consider putting your car up on jacks. This is not possible with all car types, so be sure you are well informed before making this decision. 

Clean Up

Keeping a car clean and washed is essential always, but it becomes even more so if you are going to be leaving it for an extended amount of time. Dirt and grease left on the car can mess up the paint job and cause other problems. Waxing after you wash the car will ensure that it is protected the whole time it is in storage. 

Tailpipe Tips

Any opening in a car is a way for animals or moisture to get in and cause problems. The biggest offender in this area is the tailpipe. Plugging the tailpipe with aluminum foil or a rag will prevent problems from getting in your car. You can also do this to other problem areas in a car like the air intake or loose windows. Mothballs and cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil will also detract bugs and small animals from getting in your car.



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