8 Things Smart Drivers Do

Smart drivers are more than good drivers. Not only do they obey the rules of the road, but they work hard every day to improve their driving skills and make car ownership as easy as can be.

If you want to be a smart driver, take a look at these 8 things all smart drivers do:

  1. They Shop Around

Smart drivers are also savvy drivers. Instead of buying the first vehicle they can find, they search for the best used SUVs for sale under $10,000 or tour the local car dealerships until they find a car that is exactly right for them at the best possible price. They also hunt out the lowest gas prices and regularly switch insurance companies to ensure they always get the best deals. They spend their money where it really matters – on maintaining their vehicles.

2. They Get Rid of Distractions

Smart drivers turn off their cell phones the second they get in the car. They ensure that the kids are occupied so that they don’t make too much noise. They have the radio already tuned to their favorite station. They do these things so that they can avoid distractions and keep their eyes where they belong – on the road.

3.They Coast

Smart drivers know that coasting saves gas, so that is what they do. They never accelerate when they’re at a red light, instead removing their foot from the pedal for a second or two. This simple action also helps to keep the brake pads in good condition- what’s not to love?

4. They Take Rest Breaks

Smart drivers have seen the stats. They know that 20 percent of car crashes are caused by feelings of fatigue and so they plan to have regular breaks when they’re driving long-distance. They also get a good night’s sleep and avoid getting behind the wheel when they feel less than their best.

5. They Maintain Their Vehicles

Smart drivers know that proper preventative vehicle maintenance is the way forward. Dealing with little niggles before they become big problems and require the input of a mechanic not only saves money, but it also ensures that their vehicles are as safe and efficient as can be.

6. They Buy Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based driving insurance is ideal for smart drivers because it rewards good driving behavior and penalizes bad driving. Carriers will offer sometimes significant discounts to drivers who are safe and smart on the roads and that makes it a no-brainer to smart drivers.

7. They Don’t Idle

Smart drivers try not to idle. Idling not only uses a lot of gas needlessly, but it releases harmful emissions into the air and do untold damage to the planet. There is rarely a need to idle, so why do it?

8. They Aren’t Complacent

Smart drivers aren’t smug. They don’t think they know it all and they recognize that things can and do go wrong, which is why they are always alert, and why they are always working on their driving.

Be a smart driver!


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