The New Era of Driving

The new era of driving is definitely coming for us at the minute. The more time you spend on the roads, the more you realise how much things are changing. From the roads that are changing in layout and size, to some of the crazy cars that are now being designed. It’s also more obvious now that you don’t have to have all of the money in the world to get on the roads anymore. A car can cost no more than a couple of hundred, and the insurance the same. Once you have the big payments out the way with, all you have to think about is the fuel you’re going to put into your car. So it really does show that a new era of driving is upon us, but what does that mean? Is it a good thing, or is it the worst thing that has ever happened to the roads? Well, we’re going to explore this for you today, because we know how many of you will rely on driving every single day, and what an impact the new era of driving could have on you. So keep on reading, and see what you think!

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The Super Cool Cars

We want to start this article off with something a little more upbeat, because we know that despite what many of you may think, driving is a privilege that we take for granted. Yes, the roads are annoying to be on most of the time, but there are some super cool cars that are now being rolled out of the production line that would definitely make it more bearable. If you want to think about your more affordable car, and one that’s ultra modern and full of tech, you should take a look at the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev. it does an incredible amount of miles to the gallon, it’s super modern and slick in the interior, and it just looks so good from the outside. But if you want to talk about of price range, there’s something for that too. The McLaren 720s is really cooking up a storm in the supercar world, and it’s new to 2019. It does has an incredible 710bhp, and to look at it from the outside is like looking at a work of art.

The Really Big Dangers

So, now onto the more serious side of things. The new era of driving is here, it’s bringing a lot of trouble with it. Younger people are now coming onto the roads with no discipline at all. Even when taking their test, they have no intention of ever driving like that at all, and they become a complete menace to society whilst on the roads. Speeding, driving whilst on the phone, and driving under the influence is all becoming so much more prevalent, and the dangers that come from that are obvious. A car accident law firm will see so many cases come through their door, when simply speeding is to blame. Now when you take into account all of the other things that people could possibly do wrong when driving on the roads, you start to realise how dangerous driving actually is now. The overcrowding of the roads definitely doesn’t help either!

The Changes To The Law

The law in regards to anything seems to be changing all of the time, but the one you really want to watch out for, is the one you’re most likely going to get caught out with, and that’s obviously driving. Each year governments around the world bring in new sanctions for driving offenses, simply to try and reduce the number that is happening. You can now get a ton of points and driving ban for being on your phone, whereas before it would have been a simple ticket. Speeding tickets are now becoming more frequent due to police cars being able to detect other car speeds, and register the number plate to it, and the points you’re likely to receive is now going up as well. So, although if you were a safe and sensible driver you wouldn’t need to know it, it’s always good to check your countries laws on driving, and anything that might be changing.

The Increasing Prices

This is the final downside to the new era of driving, it just seems to be getting so expensive. It once used to be so easy to keep a car on the road, but for various different reasons, a car breaks a lot easier, and fuel doesn’t seem to last as long. It only seems as though prices are going to keep increasing in the coming years as well!


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