Why You Need Suspension Servicing

The suspension of any type of motorcycle plays an imperative role. It is not only important when it comes to the handling of your vehicle, but it is also crucial when it comes to the safety too. There are various parts to the suspension. The main parts are fork tubes, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect the motorcycle to the wheels. They all need to be maintained in order for the motorcycle to operate to optimum level and be safe at the same time.

Bearing this in mind, it is thus crucial to have regular suspension servicing. If you don’t do this then you are seriously compromising your motorbike. Furthermore, aside from your frequent suspension servicing, you should also look out for tell-tale signs that there are issues with your suspension. After all, if you are mindful of this then you will be able to have your suspension seen to before the problem gets out of hand. In fact, most research shows that suspension problems occur from a lack of servicing. Therefore, if you keep to your regular servicing as recommended then you are likely to experience no problems with your motorcycle’s suspension.

Nonetheless, there is no denying that some of us are unlucky and therefore issues may arise. There are two main warning signs that would indicate that there is a problem with your suspension. The first warning sign is if you are having any handling issues with your motorcycle. If you do not feel in complete control of the motorcycle, for example if you feel like it is working against you, then this is an indication that you have suspension troubles. The second warning sign is if you are experiencing an unsmooth ride, or in other words if the motorcycle is bouncing. This can make the riding experience one that is not enjoyable.

Aside from making the riding experience less enjoyable and more difficult, it also makes it extremely dangerous too. After all, if you do not have complete control of your motorcycle then you are putting yourself in harm’s way. A lot of people overlook this because they take the view that ‘oh they will be fine’ or ‘I’ve got complete control of it’. However, it is your duty to act responsibly; after all you are not only putting yourself at risk but everyone around you too.

Suspension servicing provides an answer to all of these issues. A good company will use a motorcycle jack and maintain the plushness of your forks, shocks, and everything else. They will use greases and lubricants to ensure everything operates smoothly together. If there are any worn or damaged parts then the mechanics will be able to replace them too.

All in all, the importance of suspension servicing cannot be overlooked or disregarded. It is likely you will have paid a lot of money for your motorcycle and therefore you should want to maintain it. Not only this, but such servicing is absolutely crucial when it comes to ensuring that you are riding safely too.



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