5 Repairs You Should Leave to The Mechanic

With the cost of car repairs seemingly increasing at a rapid rate, it can be tempting to purchase any parts you need and google how to repair your car yourself. And in some cases, there is no reason why you shouldn’t undertake simple car repair jobs. Changing tyres, topping up oil and water and replacing any blown bulbs are things most drivers should know how to do anyway.

However, there are some repairs it isn’t advisable to take care of yourself, and you should always seek a qualified mechanic’s services. After all, they are trained in their trade and have expert knowledge, training and experience in all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance.

Head Gasket

There is no denying that when your head gasket blows, it means big trouble for car owners. When looking for a professional to repair a head gasket, you are looking at a hefty bill and many hours of labour as it can take a lot of work to repair the damage caused by a blown head gasket. It is important not to drive your vehicle if you suspect the head gasket has blown, as this can cause more damage to your car.


The transmission is an integral part of any car, whether it is manual or automatic. It is also a very complicated process, and attempting to repair it yourself with little to no knowledge of mechanics and vehicle repair will not end well.


Chipped or cracked windscreens are a safety hazard and need to be repaired as a matter of urgency. Failing to take care of this issue can lead to more damage to your windscreen and a hefty fine if you are pulled over with a damaged windscreen. While it may look easy on the adverts to fill in chips and small cracks, it is best left to the professionals to avoid causing more damage.


Attempting to fix a damaged or leaking radiator in your car is asking for trouble. For a start, it will take a mechanic many hours to carefully remove the existing radiator if it needs replacing and fitting a new one. Identifying a leak can lead to other significant problems if you attempt to fix it yourself or leave it unattended. Don’t think about the following advice online; many mechanics are only too aware of the damage caused when DIY jobs have been undertaken, and hoses aren’t fitted properly, causing leaks and damage from an overheated radiator.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is one of the sensitive parts of your car. It supplies the fuel at the correct pressure to the injector in the engine. Attempting to correct a fuel pump issue can lead to catastrophic damage to the engine. Replacing a fuel pump can be expensive, so it stands to reason why people want to attempt this repair themselves; however, incorrectly fitted fuel pumps could potentially result in your car being damaged beyond repair and buying a new car is a lot more expensive than getting a mechanic to replace the fuel pump for you.



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