Tips on Negotiating With a Car Dealer Who Won’t Budge

When you decide to buy a used car, you have to prepare yourself for negotiation. You will face dealers who want to maximize the potential profit. Since you have a limited budget, you have to try your best to reduce the cost. The problem is if the dealer won’t budge at all. Before you give up, these are some things you have to do.

Stay polite

Even if it’s already frustrating that the other party won’t budge, you have to stay polite. You’re asking for a favor, and it’s imperative to be respectful. Besides, if you allow your emotions to take over, it’s even more difficult to achieve your goal. Learn how to smile even if you already feel bad. Try to continue negotiating calmly.

Give a realistic percentage

The best way to let the other side agree with your request is to give a specific figure. Instead of asking to lower the price, you can give a percentage and call it a deal. However, it’s essential to be realistic with your expectations. Most dealers will agree to a 5% discount. If you’re ready to call it a day after getting that amount, it’s good enough. If you ask for more, the dealer might not agree at all.

Be knowledgeable 

The best way to negotiate is to arm yourself with information. Make sure that you know a lot about the cars available. Compare the different models and know their qualities. It also helps if you have an idea about the current market price of new vehicles. It’s easier to negotiate if you can’t easily get tricked by the other party. You know every detail regarding the transaction. 

Be willing to walk away

When you already feel hopeless, you have to be willing to walk away. At this point, you might be lucky enough that the dealer will agree to your request. However, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that the dealer won’t budge even at the last minute. Once you’ve decided to leave the negotiating table, you have to face the consequences. If you really like the car, don’t use this trick. You can only do it if you will feel okay not taking the vehicle home.

End on a positive note

Regardless of how the negotiations turned out, you have to stay positive. If you decided not to buy the car, you should still thankthe dealer. If you closed the deal at a reasonable price, you have to express your sincere gratitude. Besides, there’s a possibility that you will have another transaction with the same dealership in the future.

If you want quality options, you can consider There are several choices available. Even if you settle for a used car, it won’t be a terrible decision. The models look amazing and are top-quality. Don’t forget to take it out on a test drive first before deciding to buy the car. It will make you more confident about your decision.



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