Vari-Form is Reshaping The Auto Manufacturing World in 2021

The automotive industry’s ever-increasing demands have advanced hydroforming technology, making it an impetus solution for development and innovations. This type of metal is one of the most cost-effective methods of producing asymmetrical parts for the automotive industry. Several components applied to cars today have irregular shapes causing traditional methods of manufacturing more cumbersome and costly. The durability and density of hydroformed parts also accommodate better-produced products that are more manageable to work with while keeping an overall better structural integrity. These remarkable advances started and created by Vari-Form that prides itself on being the first to market on many hydroformed solutions. 

Vari-Form is recognized as the industry leader in this type of solution and has produced more than 100 million parts manufactured to date. It commenced volume production utilizing its exceptional pressure-sequence process in 1989. It aims to contribute a useful and innovative solution to advance the auto manufacturing industry today and in the coming years. But what are the advantages of this new auto process innovation? 

Below are the advantages of Vari-form’s advanced application.

The Advantages Of Hydroformed Approach

Hydroforming solutions have been a hit around the manufacturing industry for quite some time. The process comprises setting ductile metals such as stainless,  steel, aluminum, and low alloy steel into intricate shapes by using fluid and pressure. The application of uniformly dispersed pressure over a single sheet of metal or into a tube affects parts with many benefits over their traditionally manufactured counterparts. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Material Versatility

This process allows for the application of all ductile metals to be hydroformed. Regardless of its aluminum, brass, copper, titan, or steel sheets, the optimum deformation levels can always be relinquished. The thickness of the sheets to be produced can vary anywhere from 0.05mm to 6mm. This is also excellent at making thin sheets over other regular forming processes.

  • Excellent Surface Quality

Because the metal sheet is being pressed never reaches into contact with actual tooling facilities, architectural and surface damage possibilities are drastically decreased.

  • Lightweight Parts

Components manufactured via this form display a higher strength to weight proportion. Also, complex shapes can be produced with all of their walls at a more consistent thickness than what could previously be obtained.

  • Manufacturing Savings

This advanced process does not need the application of guideway systems or hold-down devices; it saves quite a quantity of money. Connect this to point out that it generates minimal excess from the process and that tooling expenses are cut in half due to only needing the negative molding tool. The result is a manufacturing process that significantly decreases back manufacturing time and production costs. Also, complex shapes can often be produced utilizing one machine, which opposes the requirement for more machinery to run.

A Continuous Development

The hydroforming solution certainly is a process that has caused a superior impression on the auto manufacturing business. Thanks to Vari-Form, as the leading industry to this type of process, it has advanced to innovate for unique materials, structural optimization, mass savings, and advantage. Vari-Form strategically resides in the core of the automotive hub. Access to highly proficient employees and partnerships with important suppliers delivers them competitively in so many ways. Logistical plans next to their manufacturing mean to empower them to support our customers efficiently.



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