How to drive safely during the holiday season

The holiday season is approaching, which means eating delicious food, spending time with loved ones and taking time to relax. However, the holiday season often involves more driving, making the roads busy and stressful. Unfortunately, this means that accidents tend to be more common during the holiday season (if you’ve been impacted you’re probably wondering: who is responsible for paying for my car accident injuries? If you aren’t sure of the following procedures, it’s important to find out more information – click the link).  

While the holiday season is a time to unwind and enjoy ourselves, it’s important to make sure that you’re driving safely. Here are some tips. 

Watch out for ice

The holiday season often brings treacherous weather, especially in the colder states. While driving may not be avoidable, it’s important to drive with extra caution, especially in icy conditions. Safely driving on ice can be difficult, so you’ll need to drive slowly and cautiously. Your vehicle can easily skid on ice, so a slower pace is most definitely necessary. If you live in a colder state that often sees snowy conditions, it may be worth investing in snow tires, which have more grip.  

Prepare for traffic

The roads are always busier around Christmas. People are desperately driving home to see their families and might not be paying as much attention to the roads. Driving in traffic can be frustrating and dangerous. You might be tempted to cut across a lane or speed through a yellow light – but this is not advised. Reckless driving will cause more accidents in high traffic, causing further delays as a result. Plan your journey in advance and try to stick to the quieter roads. Anticipate traffic by leaving with a little extra time. 

Avoid sparkly distractions 

The holiday season can be magical when everyone puts up their Christmas lights. Your neighborhood might be transformed into a kind of winter wonderland. However, while this is great to look at, it can also be a distraction for a driver. Keep your eyes on the road and stay focused. If you want to see the lights in their full glory, take a walk around your neighborhood instead. It will be much safer and more enjoyable than seeing them via your moving car.


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