Turn Your Passion Into A Business: Everything You Need To Know About Owning a Motor Business

In these uncertain times, it’s understandable if you are rethinking what you’re doing with your life. Perhaps you have been furloughed or have lost your job due to COVID-19, or you might have lost a loved one to the virus far too early than they should have gone – however, this pandemic has affected you, it’s essential to try and get some positives out of it. If that positive is changing your career to do something you love, then this is great.  If you have a passion for cars and would like to turn your passion into a career, then you’re in luck as this is definitely an achievable dream and if you have lost your job, then you’ll have extra time on your hands to plan just how you’re going to do it.

Start With Research

While you might know everything there is to know about cars, do you know much about the motor industry itself? If you manage to get your hands on some decent motors, do you know where you’re going to sell them or how? Do you want to repair cars and then sell them on? Do you need some land or a garage or will you do it from home? While you might know which car and do what speed and which model is the best, do you know how cars work? Do you know about the mechanics of cars and their values? Do you know who your audience is and which cars will always sell well? It’s these that you need to focus on. 

If you haven’t owned your own business before and you’re not feeling confident enough, then there is also the option to go with an Auto Repair Franchise. This will still allow you to be an entrepreneur in the automotive industry, but you’ll get the benefit of the structure and the safety net of a successful business model behind you. 

Sort a Location

If you’re not sure where to base yourself, then when you’re looking for premises, it’s essential to think about the location. Is it somewhere difficult to get to? Will you get lots of passing trade? Is there enough room for customer parking as well as your cars? Is there a reception area and customer waiting area? And what about an office area and toilets and a kitchen? 

If you’re looking to base yourself from home, then you need to make sure you have enough room on your property to store vehicles safely and check with your local council that you have the permissions to sell vehicles from your home. Also, speak to your neighbours about what you’re planning and check they’re okay with it. 

Know Your Budget

Don’t rush into anything just because you’ve seen a great car. Take your time and set yourself a realistic budget. Remember that your costs need to cover the rent of the premises, business rates, electricity and other bills such as the internet and water. It would also be a good idea to create a website for your business and to set some money aside for branding, marketing and advertising.




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