5 Essential Checks to Complete Before a Summer Road Trip

This summer, the holidays are going to be a little different from any past year. You might not be able to board that flight you had booked or enjoy that far-flung holiday you had your outfits ready for. Instead, you might need to make do with what you have – your car! Luckily, your vehicle can get you far, especially if you already have an idea for the ultimate road trip. 

However, before getting on the road, there are some checks that you can’t fail to complete. While driving your car around and staying in a tent immersed in nature might involve a limited risk of COVID transmission, it is crucial to be as safe as possible while on the road. 

Get Insurance

Before setting off for your road trip, it recommendable to get travel insurance. If you have decided to rent your holiday car for your trip this summer, you might not need to worry too much about damages to the car or its insurance. However, if you drive your own car, checking and updating your policy can be an optimal choice. 

A road trip might involve a much higher risk than the one you would experience during your commute. You will be driving for long hours and on roads that you might not know as well as the ones in your city or town. 

Therefore, your insurance policy can be the only thing to protect you if your car gets stolen because you have parked in an area that is not particularly safe after all or you had a minor accident. 

Check Your Car Tires

One of the most important vehicle checks you should complete before undertaking a long journey is to look at the pressure and status of your tires. If you installed them a few seasons ago or you still have the winter tires on, you should change them before the road trip. 

If the tires are consumed, cracked, or damaged, your car might not be as safe to drive. Indeed, the adhesion to the road might diminish, which also increases the level of risk, especially in rainy or poor visibility conditions. 

While you might still be comfortable enough to drive with those tires on a town road, it might be a completely different matter when traveling along less-known roads. 

Check the Levels of Oil, Gas, and Coolant

After you have checked the tires and the pressure is right to continue along your trip, you should still bring the car to an expert mechanic. Especially if you are not confident or you don’t know how to complete all the checks needed before a road trip, a professional can help you check the status of your car’s liquids. 

Depending on your car’s manufacturer, you can also pick professionals that look after that specific make. For example, bringing your Subaru car to a Subaru repair outlet guarantees you to receive the highest level of attention and the best performances out there. 

Have an Emergency Kit

Before setting off on a car trip, you will want to think about the amazing itinerary ahead and the exciting experience you are about to live. However, it is also crucial for drivers to think about what your response be in case something goes wrong. 

Of course, dealing with and recovering from a car accident is among the most challenging things to do, and it isn’t easy to know precisely what you’ll do in that situation if you have not lived it before. 

However, other obstacles you are likely to face are the ones that will come along in camping sites or during hikes and walks. It is easy to trip on a root and sprain your ankle or suffer from sunburn. 

Having an emergency kit with you is essential to provide your party with immediate help if something bad happens. While it is okay to have only basic tools in your first aid kit, make sure it can cover most situations, and it is always in your backpack. You can never know when you will need it!

Keep Extra Supplies With You

Getting lost on a road trip is extremely common. However, for some reason, it tends to happen after you have already spent many hours on the road, you are tired, and you can’t wait to jump in the shower. If you are also hungry as you realize you are lost, it is easy to spark arguments and fights. Instead, having enough snacks with you while on your journey allows you to organize a fantastic picnic independently of where you are!


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