What to do After an Auto Accident

Naturally, we all hope that we will not have a vehicle accident. But, the chances are you will. In most countries, if you drive, you will be involved in at least two or three accidents at some point in your lifetime.

Regardless, of how big those accidents are it is important to know what to do if you are involved in one. Taking the right action will save you time, money and reduce how stressful the whole experience is.

What to do at the scene

Step one is to make sure everyone is OK and get medical help for those who need it. You also need to ensure that the accident scene is as safe as possible. For example, deploy warning triangles. Then, you can locate an Atlanta attorney for auto accident cases using your phone to figure out your next steps.

Call the police if necessary

If you are required to do so by law, call the police. In most places, if someone is hurt or there is a lot of damage you will usually need to do so. Once they arrive they will speak to everyone involved and gather evidence.

Be careful not to say anything that makes it look like you are taking the blame for the accident. This is the case even if you think that you may have caused it. Things happen fast when you have an accident. So, there is a good chance you are wrong about who was to blame. It is better to wait and let the physical evidence speak to who caused the accident.

Gather evidence

It is also important to gather your evidence at the scene. You should not rely on the police or the other driver to do it. They might miss something important to your personal injury case or insurance claim. If you are too badly hurt ask your passenger to do it or call a friend to attend the scene. 

But, don’t get too anxious if it is not possible to gather evidence at the time of the accident. Some of it can still be captured at a later date. You should, however, write down what happened and maybe draw up an accident scene diagram like these. If you are not sure about the road layout, use Google Maps street view and satellite views to help you.

Notify your insurance company

As soon as you can do so tell your insurance company you have had an accident. To be able to make a claim you will need to do so within the timeframe laid out within the terms and conditions of your policy.

Again, be careful about what you say. Bear in mind that insurers work for themselves, not for you. So, understandably, their primary aim is to minimize how much they payout. This article will help you to avoid saying the wrong thing.

The above covers the basics of what you need to do after an auto accident. Following the advice above will help you to make a claim and get back on the road as soon as possible.


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