The Truth About Tesla and the Environment

Tesla cars are some of the most talked-above vehicles on the market, especially when they release a new model or new features. There’s no doubt that Tesla offers incredible safety technology in its cars. And, one of the biggest draws is that the vehicles are fully electric. 

But, does that mean Teslas are really better for the environment? There’s been some debate over that in recent years, so let’s take a look at why buying a Tesla is really one of the best things you can do for a more sustainable future. 

No Carbon Emissions

Let’s start with the obvious – because Tesla cars don’t use gas, they don’t release carbon emissions into the air. CO2 emissions are one of the biggest culprits contributing to climate change. So, cars that don’t contribute to that are, of course, better for the environment. There are Tesla supercharger locations all over the country, so drivers don’t have to worry about reaching their destination cleanly, no matter where they are. 

It’s more than just the vehicles themselves. Tesla’s goal is to disrupt the fossil fuel industry by creating more than just cars that benefit the environment. The company is already working on self-driving semi-trucks that will be electric, too. Eventually, taxis, shuttles, and buses are also on the agenda for the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the more people who support these initiatives, the cheaper all of these vehicles will end up being. 

Shuttles and the Hyperloop

Speaking of shuttles, Tesla has already invested in making electric underground shuttles for The Boring Company, designed specifically for commuters. In time, these could work to replace traditional subways and trains, again releasing fewer emissions into the environment. These shuttles also will reach speeds of up to 125mph, so just because they’re electric doesn’t mean they won’t get you where you need to go quickly!

Tesla is also working on developing the Hyperloop, which is currently proposed to extend from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It’s a pod-based method of transportation that can get you to your destination in a matter of minutes, again without using fossil fuels. While the hyperloop may be years away, it’s something that has gained a lot of attention for the company. 

Battery Improvements

Tesla, as a company, does much more than manufacturing cars. They’re constantly working to improve their existing products and find new ways of making things more sustainable. Some have criticized the batteries used in Tesla cars because the materials they are made from certainly aren’t sustainable and can actually be harmful to the environment. 

The interesting thing about this company is that they take comments like that to heart. Tesla is working on different battery options using renewable materials, instead of lithium or ion. It’s a tech-forward company in every way, and that includes using advancements in technology to build a better future. 

The best thing you can do to learn more about Tesla’s environmental efforts is to research the company itself. Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, tends to hold very little back when it comes to his dreams of a more sustainable future. So, learning the truth about what the company intends to do can help you to decide if investing in a Tesla car is right for you.



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