Smart ways to sell your car successfully

Cars are a type of asset that gives freedom and adventure to an individual also one can keep it the way he wants but there comes a time when you have to sell this priceless possession as one is planning to buy a new model with modern technology in it. Reasons for selling a car are new expenditure can come up all of a sudden and one can no longer afford its Maintenance costs and insurance or one is using the money he gets from the car to bear the expenses which have come all of a sudden from somewhere. There are several tips which can help sell your car quickly and successfully: 


         Research: As per a survey car value drops by 11 percent the moment you drive it for the first time. If one aims to get quick cash all he needs to do is research as soon as possible. Check out other cars for sale in your area having the same model as yours. How much is the reselling price? What maintenance have the car undergone? To what extent is the damage? What is the mileage of the car? On the basis of all these factors, one can estimate the value of the car. One can also refer to online research to check the value of the car and from there, there will get an idea about the price of your car.


         Make improvements If Possible: The car value isn’t what you are hoping to be but there are several things one can do which will increase the value of the car by several hundred dollars. Cleaning the car is a must which one can do on his own. Take care of the mats, tires, compartment, and windows of the car. If the floor mats are ugly one can change them which will enhance the look of the car from inside. Replace the tires with expensive sets that can boost the value of the car. Don’t spend a lot of money fixing those issue which requires repairs will give you good returns.


         Take Good Pictures: One is planning to sell a caronline then must take good pictures in order to generate the interest of the buyers towards it. You need to take pictures of the car from all angles front sides and the rear, close up for the best features or highlight minor issues such as scratches or dents. Include photos of trunk, engines, and wheels.


Tip: Take your time to click pictures and don’t let sunlight damage your pictures. It is important to click the pictures after you have repaired your car.


         Price Accordingly: Make sure that you demand the right price for your car. The price mustn’t be too low or too high. If one sells a car at a high price then it will turn away potential customers. If the price is low then they will find it suspicious.


Be ready for negotiations as people will ask for the last price anyways. Decide the least amount you are selling your car at and be firm with it. You have the right to reject people who are willing to pay you a lower amount.


         Get Everything Ready: Documents are necessary when one plans to sell a car. Every state has different requirements when one plans to sell a car but the documents which are mandatory include:

1.      Title

2.      Bill of Sale

3.      Release of liability

4.      Warranty


Check out the requirements in your country before putting the car on sale. You can also include car maintenance costs it.


         Most Compelling Ad: Once you are done with taking pictures there is a need to include a description about the car while posting an ad along with the following things:

1.      Exact year and model of the car

2.      Good photos

3.      Purchased first hand or second hand

4.      Mileage

5.      Running or Junk

6.      VIN Number

7.      Asking price

8.      History of repairs

9.      New parts if any?

While asking the price makes sure that you tell them about the negotiations possible in the car.

         Approach a buyer paying cash for cars: Easy way to get cash for your car is to hire a local dealer. The benefit of buying a car for cash is that there would be no ad posting, no communication with different buyers, no hassle when dealing with spammers but one has to settle for a lesser car-value. In case the cheques or other forms of payment methods turn out to be fake who will face the trouble of finding the person whom you sold the car. So beware of these fraud people and make a fair deal for your vehicle.


         Take them for a test drive: Arrange a safe place and then meet the potential buyers over there. It can be a coffee shop or a mall where a lot of people are present. If possible take your friend along with you. Let them test drive the car and go along with them as they might be unfamiliar with certain places and might need help in directions. In the case they are coming up with lots of problems there is a need to either fix the problem or lower your price.


         Close the deal: If one has purchased the vehicle on loan one needs to close the deal with the bank as no one prefers to buy a vehicle whoso has not been repaid. In any case, you have to provide the buyers with “release of liability” which shows you no longer own the car.


One can get the best car deals by following these steps. The first time or many times the buyer sells the old model so as to buy a new one or a better model. So, make the selling decision wisely and it may take time, one needs to have a lot of patience before making a fair deal as it’s not easy to sell the car or find the buyer. Sell car by pricing it strategically, advertising it on the right site and differentiating the serious buyers from spammers will fetch you the price you deserve.


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