Advice We Wish We Were Given As New Drivers

When you’re particularly experienced or skilled in something, it’s easy to look back and correctly assess just how well you were trained, or what your starting skill was actually like. This judgment can be free from any ego or misrepresentation because you will now have the correct means by which to measure this. As we are not only road users but avid appreciators of all things automotive, you could say we have some experience behind the wheel.

This means that we also have some advice for those just starting their driving journey. It’s easy to look back and wish that you were given some advice at a certain point in time, but it’s perhaps less forgivable to fail to pass on that advice yourself. This means that for any newer driver hoping to research the best vehicles to purchase, what price drops are relevant and what road tests matter this year, we would respectfully approach you with some of the most thoughtful advice as you move through your testing process.

Please, consider:

Treat Each Driving Session Anew

No matter how experienced or slick you think you are, you’re always at the potential risk of experiencing a bad event on the roads. Never think you’re above that. Remember to treat each driving session anew, be that coming to the vehicle inspecting your tyres and ensuring you’re alert enough to drive, to driving only when your emotions have settled from a bad sporting score you’re still reeling from. Whatever it takes to help you come fresh-faced to your driving session, no matter when you’re going, will help you remain sensible behind the wheel. Think of it as showing up to a professional shift at a workplace, only much more enjoyable and liberating.

Brush Up On Your Theory Knowledge

Brushing up on your theory knowledge is not a marker of weakness, or of forgetfulness. There are drivers who spend years without even considering the basics, and like anything, this information can slowly start to lose its strength within your memory. This is why phenomenal resources such as exist, as they give drivers the ability to manage and prepare for the theory of driving no matter if they’re preparing for a test or in need of a refresher course. As a new driver, you should value services like these.

Sustain Ground Rules Within Your Vehicle

Applying ground rules to your vehicle will help you keep somewhat of a standard up when driving around your friends. New drivers are forever being asked to drive around those who haven’t qualified or aren’t old enough to start their testing process just yet, and this can lead to a few bad experiences. Ensure that people you drive give you fuel money, or that they keep your car clean and debris-free. It may also be worth standing up for yourself should they influence your safe driving potential, such as shouting loudly or turning up the music to an intense volume. Whatever impedes your driving safety is important to defend yourself against.

With this in mind, we hope you can apply the best driving conduct as a new road user.



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