The Right Way To Reject And Respond To A Low Insurance Settlement Offer

When you are in a car accident, your home is damaged, or you file an insurance claim, you may be in the position to get a settlement from the insurance company. This is when the insurance company deems the loss so great that they need to pay you one lump sum instead of paying for specific damages. This means that you might be paid for the total loss of a car, the total loss of a home, or major medical bills that you have incurred. However, the insurance company may not offer a settlement that you believe is fair. There is some information below that will help you reject a low offer, respond, and get the compensation you deserve.

Do You Have An Insurance Agent?

Of course, the insurance agent either represents the insurance company or sells for them. However, the agent can talk to the adjuster or the people who decided on your settlement. If the insurance agent makes a good case, you might get more money. However, the agent cannot get you all the money you deserve.

The insurance company will offer you more money because they want the case to go away. If you believe the insurance company is offering too little, you should search for an attorney who can help you.

How Do You Respond?

You should send a response in writing to the insurance company nothing their settlement offer, rejecting it carefully, and requesting arbitration if that is part of your insurance policy. However, you need to start looking for an attorney. The insurance company will send a lawyer to represent them when you meet with an arbitrator, or you might get a response from a law firm that was retained by the insurance company.

Hire A Lawyer

If you want to look here, you can get some help with an attorney. You need to find a lawyer who handles insurance settlements every day. These attorneys know how to get in touch with the insurance company. How to settle the case, or how to litigate the case.

You can ask your lawyer to respond to the insurance company, or you can show the lawyer the letter you sent rejecting the initial offer. You have not settled this case yet, and your lawyer will begin looking at the evidence in your case.

Collect Evidence

Your insurance company may not have considered all the evidence in your case because they did not do a full investigation. Your lawyer can collect more information, and they will send that information to the insurance company with their official response. The insurance might send a new check, or the insurance company might request a meeting. At this point, you will not do any of the talking. You should let the lawyer begin to negotiate a deal based on the terms of your policy.

Make Sure The Attorney Reviews Your Policy

You should ask your attorney to review your policy to see what language was used. Your attorney may find that the insurance company is using loopholes to get out of settling your case. Your lawyer may feel the insurance company is not acting in good faith, or the insurance company may be breaking the law. This means that your attorney has information they can use the settle the case.

You may be offered a new check, or the insurance may agree to accept claims on all your expenses. Let your attorney tell you which deal is best for you. Your attorney will continue to fight the insurance company until you have been given the settlement that you deserve. Plus, the attorney will advise you of a time when they believe you cannot get any more money without going to court.

Do Not Complain To The Insurance Company

You should not complain to the insurance company because the person you are talking to does not have the power to give you what you deserve. The person who answers your call has no real power, and they will not forward you to a lawyer who can approve a bigger payout. This means that you should begin collecting information in the case instead of talking on the phone. Send this information to your lawyer, and turn the case over the lawyer.


The insurance settlement that you are looking for should be adjusted with help from an attorney or the insurance agent. You should reject the settlement politely, and you must send a letter. Retain a copy of the letter that you can share with your lawyer, and you must allow your lawyer to do all the work for you. Ensure that you have fought your insurance company for the settlement that you need instead of accepting a lowball offer that will not help you pay for your medical bills, expenses, or to get your family back on track.



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