3 Essential Measures To Help Any Car Look Brand New

While we all may appreciate the vintage and antiquated car aesthetic, to the point where even early-2000s models are starting to take on a nostalgic hue, a damaged or distressed vehicle never looks good. This is why resolving its aesthetic through a list of important upgrades can be the first and foremost (and also easiest) means to improve a vehicles’ value, and to update it for the modern-day.

However, for those who have little experience in car maintenance, this can certainly seem a little daunting. Perhaps it should, because after all, we all wish to ensure our cars are cared for and are both functional in use and looks. Thankfully this is not an overly complex art, and as the regular readers of this site know, your enthusiasm for vehicles is only helped by a natural, keen interest, and the willingness to read into topics that you may have little experience with to texture your automotive knowledge.

With the following three essential measures to help any car look brand new, even your first classic car restoration is sure to bear fruit. Please consider the following advice:

A Repaint

A classic repaint can be an important part of helping your car take on a new hue, literally and figuratively. You may decide to use auto paint options with a choice of grind, color and quality. Perhaps you may wish to go for a pearlescent hue this time around, or ensure your car has that matte sleek to it, or maybe even a thicker coating to help protect against weather damages. Maybe you wish to celebrate this renewed vehicle with a racing stripe down the side. Whatever is right for you is likely right in general.

Glass Repair

It’s important to ensure the quality of the auto glass you have from time to time. Chips can form from debris, and hidden cracks can lead to a smashed window in no small amount of time. Not only is this a safety risk on the road, but it can increase the likelihood and potential of your vehicle being stolen through easy access. Glass repair is worth its weight in gold for the small fee you pay to begin with, and so it’s important to follow this as much as possible.

Interior Replacement

Tearing out nasty, stained seats, reapplying the carpet, reupholstering the dashboard and placing new seats within can help a vehicle take on a new comforting life of its own. You may not wish to add a mini-bar or anything over the top such as you would see in 90’s car shows, but interior replacement can often be effective for the relatively reasonable investment you place in quality work. After all, the interior is the place in which you will interface with the vehicle directly, much more than you will spend outside staring at the car. As such, ensuring that your road experience is aided in this way can be magical.

With this advice, you’re sure to help any vehicle look brand new in the final analysis.


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