Save Money On Your New Car Purchase

Buying cars isn’t a cheap business. In fact, sometimes it can drain your bank much more than you had hoped for. If you are in the middle of settling on a car that you love, you have likely been browsing online and the local papers trying to find something in budget and local. A new car, something in the last few years, has air-con, parking sensors, rain sensors and if it is a Tesla… it will drive for you too. 

And that is all fantastic – because who doesn’t love to have those daydream. But, those dream cars come with a big price tag. Used cars, however, come with personality and a much lower purchase price. But how can you save a little more on your vehicle?

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If you are going to a lot to check out cars, then take your A-game. Every single vehicle you see will have wiggle room on the price, so decide what you really want to pay and go for it. For haggling, you shouldn’t be rude, you should approach it with the understanding that this is someone’s business. You both want to get a great deal. Be honest and say you have other cars lined up that you will be going to see. Don’t tell them your real budget, you can tell them a little less to give yourself a better chance of getting the best price. 


You can get a fantastic bargain if you are registered to bid on sites like western auction company. Auctions typically have slightly newer cars that are still very valuable, but they will go for much less than you might see them in the lot. Similarly to haggling, have a price in mind that you don’t want to go beyond. 

Set up google alerts to tell you when there is a car that you are interested in is posted in the ‘for sale’ category. 


There is a sweet thing about older cars. They cost less to insure. In most cases, if you have an accident, then the fact your vehicle is older means it will be cheaper to repair. Other factors will be taken into account like your no claims bonus, the value of the car, your living location and a few other things. But typically if you buy an older car, you’re going to be saving on insurance costs. 


If you know how to give a car a once over, you will find even more room for haggling. Here are a few checks that you can do to make sure that you are getting the absolute bottom price the lot/private seller can manage. Checklist:

  • What is included in the price and do you even want those services? Sometimes there are things thrown in that you will pay for and never use. 

  • Warranty – make sure you have at least three months on the battery and engine, plus some electrics. 

  • Body – look for rust spots and any signs it’s been a chop shop job. 

You should ALWAYS take the car for a test drive yourself, or get someone you trust to do it for you. You’ll be able to feel the car, listen to the engine and provided you can try a few different roads out, you’ll be able to try the car at speed and stopping and starting at traffic lights. 

And finally, sometimes you can just ask for a discount and see what happens. 



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