Motorcycles Vs. Cars: Why Two Wheels Could Be Better Than Four

It’s a debate that has been argued for years. Cars vs. motorcycles: which are better?

To be honest; it’s down to personal preference, but there are some benefits to having a motorcycle that even car lovers will admit to. And if you are generally more attuned to your four wheels, after reading this article, you might consider swapping your car for a bike, or, at the very least, opting for two wheels as a second vehicle for your driveway. Check out for advice on getting started with testing and licensing.

You see, these are some of the reasons why two wheels are better than four.

#1: You can beat the traffic

Ask yourself: how many hours of your life have you thus far wasted sat in a traffic jam? Sat bumper to bumper with another car, you have probably envied the motorcycle riders weaving in between the waiting traffic. So, if for no other reason than wanting to get to work or home on time for a change, you might consider the traffic-beating benefits of a motorcycle!

#2: You won’t struggle to get into a parking space

If you’re anything like the average driver, you probably spend an age trying to find a parking space that you feel able to fit into. Especially if your car is a bit on the large side and you have trouble parallel or reverse parking, you might be more inclined to drive a mile out of your way just so you can find a space that will accommodate your car and skills. It’s better than risking damage to your motor, after all, and you won’t look like a fool in front of passersby taking videos of your failed attempts with their smartphone. Take a look at this video for an example. However, if you have a motorcycle, you won’t have to suffer such frustrations. You can fit your motorcycle into even the tightest of spots, so not only will you suffer less embarrassment in front of others, but you won’t have to ride around for ages looking for the best spot to park.

#3: You will experience the thrill of the ride

Okay, now there are ways to get your driving thrill in a car, but there is something exhilarating about riding a motorcycle. With the freedom of the open road, the wind in your face, and the smells of both leather and nature, there is just something special about riding on two wheels. On the other hand, when you’re stuck in the cabin of your car in slow moving traffic and stifling under the temperature of the sun on hot days, the experience is far less thrilling than you would otherwise want it to be.

#4: You will save money

Comparatively speaking, running a motorcycle is cheaper than running a car. They are generally cheaper to buy, insurance costs are lower (assuming you have a clean driving record), and they do more miles to the gallon. So, if your regular car expenses are driving you around the bend, then a motorcycle might be more cost-effective for you.


Swapping your car for a motorcycle isn’t always the logical choice, we know. Especially if you have a family to consider, you couldn’t just ditch your four wheels for two. However, you could still buy a motorcycle to act as a secondary vehicle if this is the case for you, especially if the benefits of two wheels appeal to you. Let us know what you think.


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