The Kawasaki W800: The Best Yet?

Back in 1965, the Japanese bike maker Kawasaki launched the first incarnation of the W800. It went on to become a stalwart of the brand. Bike enthusiasts across the globe had a soft spot for this simple and straightforward two wheeled machine. Humble yet fun, powerful yet not aggressive, the W800 garnered legions of fans. Fast forward over fifty years, and Kawasaki are relaunching the newer and more modern W800 for a new generation of fans. Take a look at why the latest Kawasaki W800 may be the best yet.


While the sleek Honda Fireblades and Ducatis have been the favored look in recent years, people are beginning to reminisce about the old fenderless looks of motorbikes. The single round headlight with larger handlebars coupled with a classic shape and seat make for a nostalgic style. The W800 is a hipster’s dream with modern comfort and retro styling. It looks very similar to the original albeit with better safety features. The W800 has a firm seat and is relatively narrow compared to some of its rivals. This can make for a slightly less luxurious ride but also a more thrilling one. You can feel every bump and groove as you pull the throttle back to accelerate. Fun is definitely the aim of Kawasaki’s game.

Handling And Speed

While a little more sporty with some great edging detail and sleeker lines, the old chassis shape remains. An eighteen inch front wheel makes for responsive and quick steering and the handling is second to none. When leaning into corners, you never have to worry about a wheel slipping or ending up on your side. The chunky handlebars make the control of the bike easy, and there is very little vibration as you enter bends.

The speed is not the major selling point of this motorbike; it is the nostalgia and fun of the ride. At only 47bhp, there is very little damage you can do even if you did find yourself in a collision. Just ensure that you have your trusty motorcycle accident attorney on hand to bail you out if you need. The ride is safe and sound. For the most ardent adrenaline junkie, a different motorbike might be needed.


With a fifteen liter gas tank and doing up to sixty miles to the gallon, you can’t fail to be impressed by the fuel economy of the Kawasaki W800. To purchase the two wheels brand new will set you back around $11,000. But this is money well spent. For a reliable ride that harks back to a bygone era, the Kawasaki W800 is a sensible buy. With lower insurance, sound mechanics and reasonable running costs, this bike will retain its value.

For the motorcyclist who fancies a break from the more modern, sporty sets of wheels, the Kawasaki W800 makes a refreshing change. It doesn’t pretend to be fancy, dynamic, new or thrilling. It plays to its strengths and allows anyone who rides it the chance to remember a simpler ride on a classic motorbike.


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