Top Semitruck Chrome Must-Haves

Chrome is one of the best materials for semi truck accessories because it is durable and resistant to rust. There is a wide range of Iowa 80 semi truck chrome accessories to choose from, and below are a few of the top ones among semitruck drivers. 


Chrome Vent Visors


These chrome vent shades for semi trucks are sophisticated. The visors cover the top and one side of your windows. Underneath the chrome is thermoplastic, which can withstand all weather conditions. You don’t even have to remove them when you wash your truck. Installation takes only a couple of minutes, so you can have fresh air in a snap. There are sizes for all kinds of trucks, and they are sold in pairs.


Chrome Rear Axle Cover for Unimount 8-Lug Wheel 


Protect your axles with these sleek chrome axle covers. The polished and smooth covers will block the rain and stop your axles from rusting. The ring-shaped based consists of 15-gauge steel, and the raised part contains 19-gauge steel. The entire cover has a chrome layer. They fit Pilot unimount wheels that are 20, 22.5 and 24.5 inches. The holes on the circular base have diameters of 32 millimeters. Each set has three pieces for your rear axles. 


The Enforcer Adjustable Trailer Door Lock


The Enforcer is a sturdy lock that will undoubtedly safeguard your trailer. The padlock is surrounded by a cast steel block that makes it harder to damage. It can be used on all models of trailers, is adjustable and does not have to be fixed to the trailer, making it easy to relocate it. The lock’s plate is made of 10-gauge spring steel with a chrome layer. You can request that the locks be keyed according to your needs. The Enforcer locks are sold individually. 


Call one of the experts to learn more about chrome semitruck accessories and find the one that suits your truck best. 




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