Do Pickup Trucks Really Provide Any Advantages Over Cars?

It could be difficult to find the right vehicle for each individual driver. Some of us make numerous mistakes behind the wheel, so we need to have a car that’s small and manageable, but for those that have a bit more experience, or are looking for something a bit more comprehensive, a truck may provide the answer. But as trucks are more expensive, and they’re a little bit different to the average car, especially for the novice driver, do trucks provide any distinct advantage over a normal car?

The Aesthetic Benefits

The first thing we have to say is that trucks are roomier. And they are particularly good for holding huge swathes of items. For a driver that’s got a big family and has an abundance of materials to take with them, a pickup truck like a four-door F-150 provides a lot more legroom, especially when you compare it to a luxury Sedan. But this isn’t exclusive to just one type of truck, the vast majority of pickup trucks are known for their space. Naturally, they can help with the more difficult aspects of traveling, especially if you’ve got to haul a lot of items across the country. A GMC Sierra 1500 can house a lot of heavy and bulky items. Practicality wise, it speaks for itself!

Are Trucks Safer?

You would think that because a truck is larger, that it would fare better in terms of an accident, but if you were to speak to any truck accident lawyer, they would argue the contrary. A large SUV or pickup truck aren’t always particularly safe. And when you look at the death rates, the smaller vehicles pose a distinct advantage. We have to mention at this point, it’s very difficult to explain the findings. Although a Ford Taurus 2WD suffered 40 driver deaths between the years 2011 and 2014, in comparison to 7 driver deaths with a Chevrolet Bolt during the same time period, it’s all about the distinguishing factors in how people drive. In addition to this, it’s the roads that we choose, the speed we go at, and so forth.

What Is The Answer?

It’s all about lifestyle choice. Pickup trucks are more fuel efficient, especially in comparison to the smaller vehicles that use petrol. You can’t compare this to an electric car, it’s would be completely unfair. But when you give consideration to the amount of work you would do in a pickup truck in comparison, as well as the various safety features that a pickup truck boasts, you’ve got to make the decision. There’s more field of view compared to a smaller car down low. This means that if you are an astute driver, you’ll be able to identify potential hazards quicker.

Everybody has their own opinion, but it all depends on the use. If you are constantly going off road and you need something practical to hold your items, a pick-up truck provides the more obvious answer. But if you are a driver that is pretty nervous, or you’ve only had experience with standard cars, a pickup truck is a step up, and can provide a shock to the system.


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