Methods to Prevent Car Accidents

Today is the modern world. Business and technology have so much revolutionized that no one can deny its importance. From smartphones to laptops, online software services to web clouds, airplane engines to smittybilt jeep tops, etc., technology has developed to such an extent, that no one can expect life without modern technology.

Is Driving, Hobby or Passion?

From the beginning of life, everyone wants to do something special, everyone wants to go beyond limits, and everyone has aims, hobbies, and ambitions in life. When we talk about the hobby, it is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, and above all driving and maintaining cars or jeeps, etc. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skills and knowledge in that area. When we consider the hobby of driving, it is the controlled operation and movement of a motor vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. Drivers take care of their vehicles, including their body parts like dashboard, bumpers, brakes, wheels especially off road wheels, engines parts, etc.

Which drivers are allowed to drive on highways?

When the question arises about driving permit, and which drivers are allowed to drive on highways, permission to drive on public highways is granted based on a set of conditions being met and drivers are required to follow the established road and traffic laws in the location they are driving. In case they don’t follow traffic rules that can result in accidents. In some countries, a basic both practical and theoretical knowledge of the provisions of the road is assessed with a driving test(s) and those who pass are issued with a driving license, and allowed to drive care on highways. All this strictness is a must to avoid unnecessary accidents, which can result in serious injuries.

Causes of accidents:

Talking about accidents, there are many causes, which can be prevented by slight care. Here are considered some of the causes of the accident:

Distracted Driving

Over Speeding

Drunk Driving

Reckless Driving


Night Driving

Wrong-Way Driving



Rough roads

Deadly Curves

Street Racing

Are accidents preventable? Have a look!

Accidents can be prevented by adopting some excellent strategies and methods, which are discussed here,

Watch for red light runners:

First and foremost method to avoid the accident is to watch for red light keenly. Count to three before entering an intersection on a green light. Look both ways and be sure no one is trying to speed through a yellow light. Exercise caution when passing semis. Truck drivers have a massive blind spot on their right-hand side, so be especially careful when driving next to an 18-wheeler. If you cannot see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you. So be careful while driving to reach your destination safe and sound. In case you crash a company car and what to do? Consider here

Perform engine maintenance regularly:

Another step you can take to avoid the accident is, to perform engine maintenance regularly. Check for brakes, motor oil, wheels, shocks, etc., and prefer to use modern and latest automobile body parts. You can use branded motor oil, brake shoes, shocks including king shocks, engine parts, dashboards, bumpers, to properly maintain your car. Avoid sudden stalls or another vehicle failure by changing the oil regularly and keeping tires properly inflated.

Pull into traffic slowly:

Pull into traffic slowly is another method to prevent accidents. Stop, Look, Listen. Be aware of blind spots, including those in rearview mirrors and behind windshield pillars or highway road signs. Also, when at an intersection making a right-hand turn, look both directions at least twice before proceeding. Vehicles can appear almost out of nowhere very quickly, so exercise caution when pulling into a busy intersection. That’s necessary or vehicle safety.

Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel:

Reduce in-car distractions such as changing radio stations or CDs, cell phones, eating or momentarily taking a hand off the wheel. A gust of wind, pothole, or a blown tire could send the vehicle into another lane and cause a severe accident.

 Watch for kids:

Children and animals have a habit of suddenly popping out from between parked cars and into roadways. If you are driving in a residential neighborhood with kids present, watch carefully and slow down. Always be careful while going on family trips.

 Do not tailgate:

Here is discussing another method to avoid accidents. Leave a three-second cushion between you and the car in front of you and begin your journey early enough, so you don’t speed to make up time. As tempting as it may be when in a hurry, tailgating is a major cause of accidents.

 Scan 12 seconds ahead:

 Always concentrate on the area where you will be driving in 10-12 seconds. For highway driving, keep positioned far enough from other cars so if someone were to stop or swerve suddenly, you could avoid them. Be a smart driver to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

 Look backward when backing out:

Fender benders in parking lots are all too common, so look out for cars leaving parking spaces. Don’t depend on mirrors alone — physically look over your right shoulder while steering to alleviate blind spots mirrors can create.

 Be courteous to other drivers:

 No one owns the roads, so treat others with respect and report any suspicious driving activity to authorities. These are some methods to prevent accidents.


From the very beginning of life, every person has its interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Those who love car buying and driving can be a good driver by adopting proper driving strategies.  All these modern technologies are there for the welfare of humankind and always avoid their harmful use. Be a hard worker, and do your job honestly and decently.


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