Becoming a More Considerate Driver

When we first start driving, we go on to the roads cautiously, thinking of other drivers, letting people out at junctions and taking out time. We criticize those that take risks on the road. We get angry with people that break the speed limits or don’t help us out when we need it. As new drivers, we’re quite judgemental and drive as carefully as we can. We’re considerate and careful and don’t understand why other road users aren’t the same.

Then, over time, things start to slide. The more time we spend on the road, the more bad habits we pick up. Suddenly, we’re the ones not thinking about other road users and rushing around without care.

But, being a considerate and careful driver means that you are much less likely to be involved in an accident. You are less likely to face fines for breaking the rules. Your car will last for longer and cost you less in repairs because you treat it carefully. You might even enjoy driving more and face significantly cheaper insurance premiums. So, if your standards have started to slip, here are some ways that you can become a more considerate driver.

Sort Problems Quickly

It would be great to think that we’d never be involved in an accident. But, even the best drivers are at some point. When the worst happens, deal with it. Don’t shout or scream, be calm and controlled. Call a car accident lawyer, your insurance people, repair companies and even the police if needed, but do it all in a fast and controlled manner, respecting the other people involved, even if they were at fault.

Look After Your Car

A poorly maintained car can lead to accidents and be bad for the environment. To be a considerate driver, it’s essential that you take good care of your vehicle. Get it serviced regularly, keep it clean, complete necessary car safety checks when you need to and get any concerns that you might have checked out as soon as possible. If in doubt, don’t drive it.

Be Patient

Patience has a massive role to play in consideration. If you want to be a considerate road user, you need to literally consider the needs of others. Remember, you were a new driver once. Give learners and nervy drivers extra space. In traffic, be patient and let people out when you can. Rushing, driving to close to others, not letting people out and trying to rush other people along might get you to your destination a few minutes faster, but you’ll be a lot more likely to be involved in an incident or arrive stressed out and filled with road rage.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Do you always stick to the speed limit? Do you obey every rule of the road? No? Most of us don’t is we are completely honest with ourselves. And most of us use the excuse that no one does. But, if everyone did, the roads would be safer, calmer and a lot friendly.

Refresh Your Knowledge

Road rules and regulations change, and it can be hard to break out of bad habits. If you need some help, take some refresher lessons or get some advice from a driving instructor.


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