Apple Developing its Own LiDAR Sensors

Several reports have surfaced in recent weeks about Apple’s internal development of LiDAR sensors for the automotive industry. Apple has been working on project Titan internally for several years, and it looks like the tech giant is using its software and hardware knowhow to develop a key component in the future of assisted and autonomous driving.

Previously, many thought that Apple was developing a car, but that’s something even Tim Cook doesn’t want to take on. It takes decades of experience and development to be competitive in today’s market.

According to a Reuters report, Apple wants LiDAR sensors that are less bulky (not surprising from Apple) and easier for mass production. If Apple’s standards for LiDAR tech are as high as we typically expect from Apple, that could explain why its self-driving car project has taken so long to get off the ground.

Apple has always been known as the more conservative tech company, but now it’s more critical than ever as several legal and government steps need to be taken prior to any autonomous vehicles hitting the road.

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