Is Renting A Car Gone The Way Of The Dodo?

Remember when you were going on holiday and you changed your mind from it being the usual fly, land, and hotel staying point. Instead you wanted a road trip, and thus renting a car that was fit for that kind of journey was crucial. Getting the right vehicle really was the hardest choice of the trip itself. There are so many other things that can go wrong, but you don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere with a broken down vehicle. So this long laborious task of trying to find the right vehicle was so important. One of the reasons is because one you have made your choice you have to stick with it. Coming back home and renting a car for your everyday life presented similar challenges. You have to go through a boring and long paperwork process and then you are stuck with just one car. But, is this going the way of the dodo bird?

Attitudes are changing

People want more flexibility in their life until smart motorways become a reality. If you are essentially joined at the hip to a particular vehicle which isn’t yours, then you are tied down financially and practically. Drivers who rent cars, have changed their attitude toward this. Many people are fine with paying high car rent prices if they get to drive the newest cars on the market. However, being stuck with even a new car for a year or more, isn’t what they want. On top of this, they also want to drive lots of different and new cars. Different engines, layouts, sizes, technologies and brands are what the modern drivers of the world yearn for. So renting just one car and not having a flexible approach to changing your mind, is really getting old.

For as long or as little

Imagine a world where you don’t have to sign a contract that sets out how long you must have a rented car for? If you get bored or perhaps don’t even need the car anymore, you still have to stay true to the contract. This is what a vehicle subscription service solves, by giving drivers the ability to drive their rented car for as long or as little time as they want to. Someone might just need a car for a couple of months and not a year. The old system doesn’t allow you to do this as the minimum is often 6 months. The modern subscription service for renting vehicles allows you to also change cars totally free of charge. Therefore customers get what they want, and since new cars are regularly coming on the market, renters can switch to a new model for a higher price, benefiting businesses who provide this convenient service. Essentially, it’s a win, win for both parties.

Renting a car is great for many reasons. Whether it’s for your normal life at home, or to go on a road trip, driving new and enjoyable cars is still greatly desired by people. However, they also want more flexibility, so renting cars on fixed contracts is soon to be old news.


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