Young Driver? Here’s How you Should Be Staying Safe On The Road

If you’re a young driver, you are statistically more likely to get into a road accident than older, more experienced drivers. When you get your license it can be such a thrill, you might feel like you can take on the world – but this is no excuses mmfor dangerous driving. Below we have some pointers that young drivers should adhere to in order to stay safe on the road. Take a look:

Avoid Driving At Night Time

More accidents happen when a young driver takes to the wheel at night time. Don’t drive at night until you have plenty of experience in your own vehicle during the day, you know where everything is, and only if you absolutely have to.

Avoid Giving In To Peer Pressure

Driving with your friends in the car can be great, but you can’t let any of them peer pressure you into driving like an idiot. You can have your license taken away just as quickly as it was given to you, and worse, you could change another person’s life forever if you make a big mistake.

Don’t Have Too Many People In The Car At Once

Having too many people in the car at once is a big distraction. Limit the amount of people you have in the car, and don’t get too involved in conversations when you have to concentrate.

Take Safety Precautions

Take safety precautions so you can stay safe on the road. Look at one of the Blackbox My Car dash cam options and see if one is in your budget – this will help you to save on insurance and protect you in the event of an accident. You might want to consider installing other safety features, too.

Never Drive Tired

Get plenty of sleep each night. If you’re usually tired during the day, now is the time to get your sleeping pattern in order. Driving while tired is just as bad as driving while drunk.

Keep Your Music At A Reasonable Level

Don’t have your music on full blast. You need to hear what’s going on around you, and you can easily miss important things.

Don’t Get Road Rage

Don’t give in to road rage. It can be annoying when somebody does something dangerous around you on the road, doesn’t let you out, or won’t move over for you – but getting angry will not do anything other than make you drive more erratically. Keep a level head and take deep breaths.

Learn How To Maintain Your Car

Learn how to maintain your own car and you can make sure you’re ready for long drives, as well as save money. Learn how to put air in your tyres, check your oil, and more.

Consider Advanced Training

Taking advanced training isn’t compulsory, but will help you to gain more confidence and experience, which can be a huge help. You might find that this also brings down your insurance somewhat.

Pay close attention to the above advice, as it really could change your life!


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